The Sol building was built in 1994 as a house. The owner of this house, Antonio Galvez, spent his childhood in one of the few Luis Barragán´s houses in Mexico, which was finished in 1955. Barragán is considered the best Mexican architect of the 20th century. The Sol house and its gardens are inspired by the original in Mexico City. The Morelia architects, Jorge Solorzano and Laura Carballo, agreed to follow the style of Barragan and also incorporated their own design sensibility. Both architects admire the work of Michoacan artists, like Alfredo Zalce (Laura studied art with him). Jorge was formerly the head of the Museum and House of Handicrafts in Morelia for several years. His appreciation for local art brought him into contact with many local anonymous artisans whose work decorates the space.

The round entrance wall of the lobby suggests the shape of the sun. Laura decided to build the adjacent Luna building with the complementary feminine shape.

The natural materials used to build the Sun building are local. The kind of earth used for construction is still seen in some of the walls that were not painted. The materials are insolating and therefore help to keep the interiors cool. Ceilings are higher that normal, in the Barragan style, which probably comes from the middle east and from Guadalajara, where he was born. The first stained glass was designed for the sun building by German artist Bert Gauner. It is very translucent and tall in order to facilitate the view of the gardens from the lobby.